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The working principle of solid-state relay
Solid state relay is a two input terminals of the other two output terminals for the four-terminal devices, the use of isolation among input and output devices to achieve electrical isolation.
Solid-state relays can be divided according to the type of load power exchange type and DC type. Press the switch type can be divided into normally open and normally closed type. Isolation can be divided according to type of hybrid, transformer isolated and optically-isolated, with optical isolation for the most.
SSR solid state relay to trigger the form, can be divided into zero-pressure (Z) and phase modulation type (P) two. Applied at the input control signal VIN when appropriate, P-type conduction SSR immediately. When the VIN removed, the load current is lower than when the triac holding current (AC commutation), SSR off.
Z-SSR, including internal zero-crossing detection circuit, the applied input signal VIN, only when the load voltage reaches the zero zone, SSR can turn, and may result in the maximum power half-cycle delay. Z-SSR-off conditions with P-type, but because of the load current approximate sine wave, high-order harmonic interference is small, so widely used.
Pioneer Electronics Factory SSR Due to different output devices, a common type (S, bidirectional thyristor) and enhanced (HS, one-way thyristor) points. When added with inductive load, the input signal before the deadline t1, bidirectional thyristor, the current lags the supply voltage 90O (pure flu). t1, the input control signal revoked, the triac is less than the maintenance of the current off (t2), SCR will bear the rate of voltage rise dv / dt high reverse voltage. The voltage through the triac inside the junction capacitance, the positive feedback to the gate. If more than TRIAC commutating dv / dt index (typically 10V / s, will cause the change to the long recovery time or even fail.
Unidirectional thyristor (Enhanced SSR) work as in unipolar state, this time only by the rate of rise of the static voltage limit (typically 200V / s), so enhanced solid-state relay HS series than the ordinary type of SSR commutating dv / dt index increased by 5 to 20 times. As a result of two anti-parallel thyristor high-power way to change the current distribution and thermal conditions, and improve the SSR output.
SSR-enhanced high-power applications in both resistive load or inductive load, resistance, voltage, resistance, current impact, and reliability are more than ordinary solid-state relay, and meet the basic indicators of imported products, is the alternative to ordinary solid-state Relay updates product.
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