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Relay Pin Definitions
4100F-DC5V-SHG model to explain this as follows:
 4100 for the relay model
 F is the temperature level of the conventional B-grade, F grade heat-resistant temperature of 135 degrees
 DC, said part of the relay coil voltage DC
 5 that the rated voltage of 5V start
 4100 also indicated that this relay is a switching relays!
 Six feet two feet above the foot coils, that is, with the output on your microcontroller connected!
 Beat you with a multimeter, a coil resistance of two feet is feet!
 Another common point of four feet two, and a normally open 'a normally closed!
 In the absence of power to the coil with a multimeter to test before the turn, three feet through, the foot is often a barrier to open feet, 5VDC voltage to the coil, and then measuring the remaining three foot barrier in the foot is normally closed feet, and the remaining two feet is the common point between the conduction of the feet.
 DC SSR Pin Description
 Different types of pins are different, so well described, there should be a variety of models instructions, opening and closing a relay point on the symbol, if nothing, about measuring with a multimeter R file, the first two contacts measured coil, were measured and then pull the release status of the state and pass between the contacts, off state, and write it down on the line.
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